To connect as many people as possible with nearby COVID-19 testing sites, the enterprise communications platform, Evive, is banding together with Catapult Health to introduce thousands of patients to Evive.Care’s national database of test centers.

Evive, the leader in enterprise communications and benefits engagement, today announced its partnership with Catapult Health, a national preventive healthcare practice. Catapult’s group of approximately 100 nurse practitioners are using the Evive.Care website to direct those with COVID-19 symptoms to COVID-19 testing centers.

Since its launch on March 19, 2020, Evive.Care has helped 20,000+ people find COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing sites near them. It provides a search tool for people to enter in their state and county, and with just one click, displays a list of nearby COVID-19 testing centers. Each result has key details listed, including address, phone number, location type, cost, and instructions to make an appointment.

“As we work diligently to help patients impacted by this pandemic, testing for the virus is critically important,” said David Michel, CEO of Catapult Health. “Accessing testing can be challenging as stocked locations change. Our partnership with Evive is helping our care teams, including our nurse practitioners, make sure they have the latest information about test sites where patients who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms can be sent.”

There are approximately 900+ testing centers identified on Evive.Care across 51 states and territories (all 50 U.S. states and Washington, D.C.). These numbers are constantly evolving as Evive’s clinical team researches credible government sources. Evive is also encouraging people who visit the website to submit other centers that may not yet be listed.

“Time is of the essence. As the virus spreads rapidly, the need to get resources like Evive.Care to symptomatic people looking for COVID-19 testing sites becomes more critical,” said Prashant Srivastava, CEO of Evive. “Working with Catapult Health enhances our mission of empowering more people with the right information when they need it. We’re delighted to enable Catapult’s clinical team with our data on testing sites to help patients who are experiencing symptoms.”

Catapult Health’s remote clinics help 175,000+ patients each year by going directly to their clients’ workplaces. With so many worksites closed during the Coronavirus pandemic, Catapult’s team is now providing help through a COVID-19 hotline. They’re actively making courtesy calls to patients who have previously shown signs of clinical depression or suicidal ideation, and are offering support.

About Catapult Health
Catapult Health incorporates clinical results to drive health savings, conducting preventive care checkups at the workplace through onsite and telehealth resources. Patients receive their blood chemistry, depression screening and other test results in real time, in consultation with a board-certified Nurse Practitioner. For more information, please visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn or at

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Media contacts:

Cathryn Sloane
Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Evive

Lee Dukes
VP of Clinical Outcomes, Catapult Health