Personal Health Report

As you’ll hear us say often, Patient Engagement is a key factor in the success of our health enhancement program. Said another way, we educate and motivate our participants by inviting them to play a key role in the formation of their treatment plan. The more they know about their health risks and how to improve them, the more likely they are to take action.

One important tool that we use to engage with our patients is a comprehensive and detailed Personal Health Report. This report is created in real time as we collect data about each Catapult Health patient, and it is presented immediately during his or her checkup. Each individual report provides a summary of findings alongside specific recommendations for lowering risk factors and improving one’s health. This same report is reviewed privately with a Catapult Health Nurse Practitioner who highlights opportunities for improvement.

The report details the patient’s biometric results in easy-to-understand language using clear, colorful graphics. It provides both a high-level assessment of the patient’s overall health as well as precise readings and detailed information on each specific risk factor that we measure.  This report is sent to each patient’s smart phone and is also loaded into a Patient Portal where it can be accessed, viewed, printed and downloaded 24/7.  And with each subsequent checkup, each patient receives a comparison report detailing changes in their health risks.

Population Health Report

Once your program results are recorded, you’ll receive a customized, detailed report that shows the aggregate results of the patients evaluated and treated during the course of your program.

This report, referred to as a Population Health Report, is a thorough, yet easy-to-understand summary of the true health condition of your company. Individual names and results are not disclosed due to patient confidentiality, but the depth of the information provided gives you a comprehensive assessment of your company’s overall risk levels and establishes a clear benchmark for evaluating future improvement.

The report provides in-depth numerical data on findings and activities related to your program, including:

  • De-identified aggregate results for all biometrics measured
  • Identification of key areas of health concern
  • Precise numbers of individuals who were newly identified as being in an at-risk or pre-condition state by the Catapult Health Evaluation
  • Specific actions taken by Catapult Nurse Practitioners to prevent at-risk individuals from developing chronic conditions
  • Commitments made by participants to improve their health
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