How do Catapult Checkups Differ from Biometric Screenings?

Catapult Health Preventive Checkups Traditional Biometric Screenings*
Payment Typically driven through employer’s health plan Line item in company wellness budget
Onsite Blood Draw Personnel Catapult employed, trained and certified Health Technician Contracted health technician
Onsite Consultation Personnel Catapult employed, board certified Nurse Practitioner Contracted health technician
Blood Analyzer
  • Abaxis Piccolo Xpress ($15,000) portable blood chemistry analyzer (capable of producing 11 CLIA waived panels)
  • A1cNow
CardioChek ($550) or Cholestech ($1,800) screening device
Blood Analysis Accuracy (standard deviation from the mean)**
  • Reference Lab Accurate, Diagnostic Results
  • Abaxis Piccolo (2.9)
  • Screening Only – Not Diagnostic
  • Cholestech (12.4)
    CardioChek (22.7)
Test Results Report Comprehensive Personal Health Report with lab accurate biometric values delivered at time of visit (English or Spanish) 1-page readout of approximate biometric values and/or must download results or wait for delivery by mail
Consultation 10-15 minutes, private consultation with board certified Catapult Nurse Practitioner 1-2 minute, overview of approximate biometric values with contracted health technician
Personalized Treatment Plan YES NO
Action Taken for Participants with Significant Health Issues
  • Secure eFax of results (biometric values, measurements and cancer screening status) to patient’s PCP, or identify local, in-network PCP or specialist
  • Catapult NP’s personally reach out to all high risk patients within 24 hours of Checkup completion
Recommendation to see a primary care physician or specialist
Extra Fees All inclusive – no extra fees Travel, setup/implementation, data feeds, incentive files, custom aggregate reporting, onsite recruiting, communications, online/telephonic scheduling, email/SMS text reminders, etc.
Are New Diagnoses Made On Site? YES, Catapult Nurse Practitioners diagnose members with previously undiagnosed conditions NO, with no healthcare Provider on site, actual diagnoses can not be made.


* The Traditional Biometric Screenings data above is a summary of the services offered by most companies who offer onsite health screening using Cholestech or CardioChek devices.

**Blood analysis accuracy data compiled by the American Proficiency Institute, an independent auditor of medical diagnostic equipment accuracy (, from Q1 2011. Most clinical reference labs have standard deviations between 2.0 and 7.5.