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Kevin Gilliland Psy.D.

Kevin Gilliland Psy.D. Behavioral Health Advisor

Dr. Kevin Gilliland is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Executive Director of Innovation 360, an outpatient behavioral health company that provides treatment for mental health, substance abuse, and relationship issues. Over the past twenty years, Kevin has mentored countless individuals and couples, participated in research trials, and lectured across the country. Dr. Gilliland has a diverse range of expertise and experience including research for alcohol and opiate addiction medications and serving as an expert witness and evaluator in court cases involving substance use. As Catapult’s Clinical Director of Behavioral Health and a member of its Medical Advisory Board, Dr. Gilliland lead the implementation of depression screening tools and development of training materials for Catapult’s clinical team. His passion for the connection between physical and mental wellness is what has led to his broad range involvement in the healthcare industry; from the Cooper Clinic to Johnson & Johnson. Kevin is also a member of People Magazine’s Health Squad and has contributed as a mental health expert to Men’s Health, NBC, Women’s Health, and CNN among other media outlets. Additionally, he lectures graduate students in the Counseling Department at Southern Methodist University.