Remember when doctors made house calls?

Our Virtual Checkup brings everything to you and your employees.

What’s unique about a VirtualCheckup?

What if your next preventive checkup could occur in half an hour instead of half a day, privately and safely at a time and in a location chosen by you?

Would you like to avoid the experience of sitting in a physician’s waiting room, surrounded by others who are coughing and sneezing, and may not be well?

Our Virtual Checkups are designed with YOU at the center. You decide where and when you’d like to be tested. You choose a convenient time and location to interact virtually with our Nurse Practitioner. You help drive the creation of your Personal Action Plan.

Getting a health checkup has never been easier

Our Virtual Checkup is fast, free and easy. But don’t let that fool you. It is also comprehensive and filled with powerful insights.

We make things simple, convenient and painless. Our mission is to empower you to improve your health.

Our Nurse Practitioners provide just the right mix of clinical advice and practical solutions, always delivered with compassion and care.

A New Solution for a New Day

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we are living in a “new normal” and our health has never been more important.  And yet, many are choosing to forego care as we self-isolate and keep our distance from each other.

That’s obviously a problem, so with everything going virtual, we decided it’s time to make preventive care virtual, too.

Our Virtual Checkup is now the most convenient, safest, and empowering way for employees to get their annual preventive care.

Each Personal Health Report includes:

  • Testing results, graphically displayed so they are easy to understand
  • A Personal Action Plan developed by a Catapult Nurse Practitioner
  • Direct referral into health improvement programs offered by the employer

Get your checkup anywhere, anytime.




What’s in Each VirtualCheckup Home Kit?

Within a few days after signing up, employees receive a box in the mail filled with useful items including a wrist blood pressure monitor, measuring tape, our next-generation finger stick blood spot device, and very simple instructions. Our mission is to empower your employees to improve their health, and that’s exactly what each home kit will do!

Virtual Checkup Launch Date: September 1, 2020

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