The Patient Experience

Streamlined. Powerful. Enlightening.

Once an individual schedules an appointment through our state-of-the-art online appointment scheduling system, he or she receives a confirmation of the appointment and instructions on how to prepare for the checkup.  Each patient also receives an SMS text message reminder the afternoon prior to their appointment. On the day of the appointment, the patient spends the first half of their visit with a Catapult Health team member who administers a finger stick. And it really is just a stick – our blood test requires only a couple drops of blood (0.1cc) in order to provide a lab-accurate analysis of the most common health indicators including blood sugar (GLU, and HbA1c for known diabetics), cholesterol (total, HDL and LDL) and triglycerides. The technician also measures each patient’s blood pressure, height, weight and abdominal circumference.

Each patient then meets with a licensed and board-certified Catapult Health Nurse Practitioner using a secure video link. The NP reviews the assessment privately with the patient and develops an action plan to address existing health risks and diagnoses. Finally, for those who have a primary care provider (PCP), we securely transmit that patient’s data to their PCP. And if they don’t have a primary care provider, we even help them find one, in-network.

Whether they receive a clean bill of health or discover that they need to act immediately, all employees who undergo a Catapult Health Preventive Checkup come away with a deeper understanding of their physical health – and professional advice on how to improve it.

The Employer Experience

Comprehensive. Efficient. Revealing.

During the implementation process, we gather extensive information about your company, your employee population and your benefits package in order to integrate seamlessly with your existing program. We discuss program logistics – target dates, the size of each participant population and the location(s) where our clinical teams can set up. And we share techniques on how to communicate our objectives to your employees and encourage strong participation.

  • You decide who is eligible for the program (e.g. covered employees, non-covered employees, spouses, dependents 18+, etc.)
  • You then direct those who are eligible to our state-of-the-art appointment reservation system.
  • Each person who registers immediately receives a calendar invitation and later receives email and SMS text message reminders with specific instructions.

On the day of your onsite event, after ensuring that the event creates minimal disruption to your work environment, our onsite team begins the health evaluations. The entire process averages just 30 minutes per patient, so you don’t have to worry about prolonged downtime. Approximately 10 business days following your final onsite event, your Account Manager sends you a Population Health Report with an accurate assessment of your Company’s overall health status so you can make informed decisions about programming for the future. Catapult empowers you with the tools to make informed data-driven decisions about your health management program.