Forget what you know about traditional health screening programs.

Catapult Health is a National Preventive Healthcare Practice that brings Preventive Checkups to the worksite at about half the cost of what most practices charge for in-office checkups.

Each checkup includes lab-accurate diagnostic blood work, a full medical history, a tailored  Personal Health Report and a private consultation with a board certified Catapult  Nurse Practitioner – all at the workplace and in just 30 minutes.

In most cases, Catapult Health’s fees are processed through your health plan as a claim for preventive care. 

Simple for employers. Simple for participants. No deductibles and no copays.

Who we are – what we do

  • Our nurses perform lab accurate diagnostic blood work in real time (unique to Catapult) with only a finger stick, take blood pressure and BMI measurements, and confirm each participant’s medical history.
  • Within minutes, participants get their results and meet privately with one of our board certified Nurse Practitioners using next generation live video technology.
  • A Personal Action Plan is created on-the-spot and clinical results are securely transmitted in real-time to each participant’s smart phone, patient portal and primary care provider.
  • High risk and newly diagnosed participants are warmly handed off, or actually enrolled, into Disease and Lifestyle Management programs at record rates, and employees are back to work without delay.
  • Everyone meets with a Primary Care Practitioner (a Catapult NP), new diagnoses of previously undetected chronic conditions are made, gaps in care are closed, and preventive checkup compliance is dramatically increased from 20% to 80%, or more.
  • Cohort studies of Catapult patients consistently document reduced health risks related to hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Catapult doesn’t use contractors — 100% of our people are Catapult employees.
  • And since Catapult is a Medical Provider, we’re already in your budget. Our all-inclusive checkup fee is typically processed by your health plan as a preventive care claim, and there are no additional fees for setup/implementation, reporting or data feeds.