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If VirtualCheckup® isn’t already a covered benefit for your members, it should be.

VirtualCheckup® is America’s only comprehensive virtual health assessment – billed as a preventive care claim for thousands of groups and millions of members nationwide. We empower your disease management programs to create real health care improvement.

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We offer solutions for
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groups in all 50 States

Our VirtualCheckup® solution can be delivered two ways.

Let us help you provide easy, equal access to care for all of your members.

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At the Member’s

Virtually pain-free sample collection

Virtual consultation

At the Worksite

Sample and measurements collected onsite

Virtual consultation

VirtualCheckup® captures previously unknown disease and health risks.

29 %

29% of VirtualCheckup® participants are newly assessed with hypertension, and 7% have previously undetected Stage 2 or crisis-level blood pressure and need immediate intervention.

49 %

49% of VirtualCheckup® participants with diabetes are not effectively controlling their disease. This can lead to cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, blindness, and more.

29 x

VirtualCheckup® participants with depression were 29 times more likely to need emergency care compared to those who were not depressed.

Couple Acquiescing
Couple Acquiescing

Every participant is screened for depression and anxiety.

Our licensed healthcare providers assess each employee’s risk for suicide, they evaluate medications being taken, and those who are struggling are guided into the behavioral health resources you and their local communities offer.

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Catapult’s healthcare practitioners become an extension of your plan’s care team.

  • Automated data feeds into your data warehouse and to each member's PCP
  • API support of third-party vendors and solutions
  • Personalization of each care plan, warm transfer into programs you offer

See How It Works  

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Unmatched track record in virtually every industry.

No one has more experience in this space than we do.

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Our Net Promoter Score of 81 puts us in the TOP 1%

Members rate their satisfaction with VirtualCheckup® higher than they rate America’s most loved consumer brands.

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