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The delivery of basic healthcare is backward and broken.

Healthcare delivery takes too long, it costs too much, and it’s extremely inconvenient.

Stethoscope Maze
Takes Too Long Costs Too Much Extremely Inconvenient

So We Created Something Better!

Our innovative solution orbits around what’s best for patients, not their providers.

We put patients first. Our Catapult Health Virtual Preventive Care™ service, and our Catapult Health Virtual Primary Care™ solution feel like concierge medicine, even though VirtualCheckup® is about half the cost of a typical office-based checkup.

Test Kit on Platter
Patients First

Access to care, solved.

An annual health assessment that is accessible to anyone, anywhere, on their own schedule. Quality care delivered without waiting six weeks for an appointment or sitting in a crowded waiting room.

Snap Fingers

We empower individuals to improve their health.

Our purpose gets us out of bed every morning and fuels our fire.

And our core values guide our every move.

Do What’s Right

We lead by example. Our decisions are made with integrity, inclusion, dignity, and thoughtfulness.

Always Empower

We rise by helping others maximize their potential and hold ourselves accountable to being our best.

Work Smart and Innovate

We are thought leaders with a knack for disruption. Challenging the status quo is the name of our game.

Be Professional

We interact with poise and awareness, fostering a culture of respectful and inclusive encounters.

Care and Serve

We are a mission-driven business with mission-driven team members. Cultivating relationships and helping others is at the core of what we do.