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Julie Dimoulakis

Julie Dimoulakis President & COO

Julie, a seasoned operations executive, is proud to serve as President and Chief Operating Officer of Catapult Health. She also serves on Catapult’s Board of Managers. Julie has been an integral part of evolving and scaling Catapult’s solution since she helped create it over a decade ago. Her passion for Catapult’s mission drives Julie’s focus on the individual patient experience, and ensures that Catapult delivers efficient, consistent, compassionate care for our growing patient community. In her roles at Catapult, Julie leads the operations, clinical, laboratory, client success, human resources, and technology teams. Prior to becoming Catapult’s President and COO, Julie also served in executive roles at two mental health organizations, Bend Health and Psych Hub. Julie earned her bachelor’s degree in Corporate and Community Health Promotion from the University of Wisconsin – Superior.