Catapult Health

Onsite Diagnostic Testing and Nurse Practioner Treatment

Onsite Diagnostic Testing and Nurse Practitioner Treatment.

We combine the convenience of worksite health risk assessment with the effectiveness of lab-accurate diagnostics and professional patient care.

State-of-the-art Reference Lab

We Bring Our State-of-the-Art Reference Lab to You.

What do NASA, The White House and Catapult Health have in common? All use the same advanced mobile medical technology.

Risk Factors

Don't Just Measure Risk Factors. Do Something About Them.

Armed with accurate lab and clinical data, we create a personal action plan with each employee, on-the-spot. Each "teachable moment" becomes a launch pad for true health improvement.

Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement is the Key to Our Success.

Success occurs when at risk employees participate in the formation of their treatment plans with our Nurse Practitioners. OUR PLAN becomes MY PLAN.