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Listen to our latest webinar: The Good, the Bad & the Unexpected: How the Pandemic is impacting the mental and physical health of American workers.

2021-03-05 14:37:11

Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Catapult Health’s Director of Behavioral Health, unpacks the data and separates fact from fiction. Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PhD, Catapult Health’s Senior Medical Advisor, will also uncover how other health risks are being impacted, as observed in a cohort analysis of almost 50,000 workers that compares pre-pandemic data to the past 10 months.

The crisis within the crisis: Preparing for the wave of COVID-19-deferred care

2020-11-05 11:55:56

As COVID-19 began to  sweep the country, healthcare leaders raced to expand capacity and stay ahead of the demand curve by canceling elective procedures. The financially deleterious effects of this decision on our nation’s hospitals are well-documented, but the longer-term implications for our delivery system remain far more uncertain.

Quest, Catapult Health Provide Virtual Preventive Care Services

2020-11-05 11:55:03

First collaboration of virtual care provider and national laboratory provider features self-collected at-home specimen collection and mental health care support to empower diverse workforces to access health care safely

Quest Diagnostics and Catapult Health Provide Virtual Preventive Care Services for Employers During COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

2020-10-27 12:49:26

First collaboration of virtual care provider and national laboratory provider features self-collected at-home specimen collection and mental health care support to empower diverse workforces to access health care safely Clinical encounter also evaluates patients for risk of COVID-19.

Benefits industry product news: Accolade, 401GO, Benevity, Colonial Life, JP Morgan, Paylocity, Square

2020-09-25 07:59:34

There seems to be no slowdown in companies bringing employee benefits and retirement solutions to the marketplace. Despite the constraints of a struggling global economy and global pandemic, such adversity can prompt creativity as well as offer opportunity to meet important new needs. Here’s some of the product news that crossed our desk recently.

Catapult Health launches new virtual program to improve access to preventive care

2020-09-11 07:10:48

As the pandemic has triggered delays in both preventive and elective care, employers are turning totelehealth servicesto keep their workforce healthy and happy, and prevent the development of chronic disease. Catapult Health, a provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, has launched a new program called VirtualCheckup, through which employers can offe...

Catapult Health launches at-home preventive checkup service for employers

2020-09-09 10:45:34

In a move to capitalize on the demand for remote care solutions, Catapult Health launched a virtual checkup program for employers offering home-based preventive care for employees and family members. The service provides virtual checkups using telehealth, clinical diagnostic tools, and screenings for depression and COVID-19.

Catapult Health Promotes Julie Dimoulakis to President & COO

2020-09-09 07:08:39

Catapult Health, the leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare including its new VirtualCheckup™, has promoted Julie Dimoulakis to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. Julie’s expanded scope of responsibilities now includes sales, marketing, client success, clinical services, technology and operations. “Julie has earne...

1,100 people sign up for Catapult’s telehealth checkup on launch day, company reports

2020-09-03 11:53:11

The VirtualCheckup program combines telemedicine, clinical diagnostics, and COVID-19 and depression screenings to offer users preventive care. Catapult Health, a Texas-based provider of preventive care, announced a new program for employers this week that offers home-based checkups via telehealth to employees and family members.

Catapult Health launches virtual checkup program as telemedicine use rises

2020-09-03 11:40:52

The Covid-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the use and adoption of telemedicine technology.

And while Dallas-based health care startup Catapult Health has been positioned in the industry for years, it is rolling out a new program called VirtualCheckup to fully embrace the trend and change the way patients interact with physicians.

Catapult Health Releases VirtualCheckup To Provide Preventive Care, Anywhere

2020-09-01 07:22:04

VirtualCheckup Delivers Clinical Preventive Care to Virtually any Location Coast-to-Coast, Greatly Simplifying the Traditional Annual Wellness Visit. Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, today announced the release of its VirtualCheckup™, a new program for employers offering preventive care to their employees ...

Interview with Amber Weiss, Vice President, HR, Catapult Health: Leading With Transparency And Empathy

2020-07-30 08:15:06

“We have taken the time to get to know colleagues on a different, more personal level. This is something we will carry into a post-COVID environment,” says Amber Weiss, Vice President, HR, Catapult Health, during an interaction with Amber Weiss is the Vice President of Human Resources at Catapult Health.

Catapult Health Launches Virtual Checkup For Preventive Care

2020-06-24 07:26:58

New Program Brings Virtual Checkups Home, Simplifying Clinically-based Preventive Care to Better Manage Health

Catapult Health Offers Webinar Addressing How COVID-19 Continues Shaping Preventive Care Needs

2020-06-16 07:39:15

Leading medical providers will outline how care delivery is evolving due to COVID-19, including as it relates to chronic conditions, mental health and virtual preventive care

Catapult Health Launches Return-to-Work Programs to Address COVID-19 Concerns

2020-05-05 19:06:03

New Return-to-Work Offerings Help Employers Reduce Risk While Welcoming Employees Back, Bringing Confidence to Worksites Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, today announced it has launched new programs to help employers ease uncertainty while welcoming back employees amid COVID-19 concerns. These offerings are desig...

Catapult Health Partners with Evive to Guide Thousands of Patients to COVID-19 Testing Sites

2020-04-07 08:00:03

To connect as many people as possible with nearby COVID-19 testing sites, the enterprise communications platform, Evive, is banding together with Catapult Health to introduce thousands of patients to Evive.Care’s national database of test centers. Evive, the leader in enterprise communications and benefits engagement, today announced its partnership with Catapul...

Catapult Health Achieves HITRUST CSF® Certification To Further Mitigate Risk In Third-Party Privacy, Security, And Compliance

2020-02-10 16:40:10

HITRUST CSF Certification validates Catapult Health is committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite preventive healthcare, today announced that the following Catapult systems, locations and supporting infrastructure have earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST: MedConn...

Catapult Health Names Art Dickerson as Chief Revenue Officer

2020-01-06 08:00:35

Company also adds six national sales executives to address rising demand Catapult Health, the leading national provider of onsite preventive health checkups, welcomes Art Dickerson as Chief Revenue Officer. Mr. Dickerson’s responsibilities include growing and leading the sales team, expanding Catapult’s consulting firm relationships, and multiplying the Company’...

Aging and Chronic Disease - The American Tsunami of Bad Health

2019-10-16 20:49:36

Catapult study highlights the correlation between age and chronic disease Catapult Health (PRNewsfoto/Catapult Health) Almost half (48%) of Catapult patients report a previous diagnosis of at least one chronic disease. When obesity is included, that number rises to 66%. "The 'healthiest' age group includes those under 40 years of age," said Lee Dukes, Catapult'...

Millennial workers most likely to contemplate suicide

2019-06-14 18:17:42

In the midst of a stressful work environment, Millennials are said to have the highest tendency of considering suicide out of all employee age groups. In fact, this demographic of young workers is reportedly five times more likely to contemplate suicide than workers from the Baby Boomer generation, according to a new study from US healthcare provider Catapult He...

Study explores which generation of workers is most likely to consider suicide

2019-06-13 15:23:13

Dallas — Millennial workers are more likely to contemplate suicide than any other age group – including up to five times more so than baby boomers – results of a recent analysis indicate. Researchers at Catapult Health, a national preventive health care provider, looked at more than 157,000 patient records, including data from checkups conducted by the company a...

Millennial Workers Five Times More Likely to Seriously Consider Suicide Than Boomers

2019-05-01 14:30:40

Catapult Health CEO reports findings at BCBS Annual Blue Summit Dallas, May 1, 2019 – Workers under 30 are more likely to consider suicide than any other age group, according to David Michel, CEO of Catapult Health. An analysis of more than 157,000 patient records by Catapult Health found that millennial workers are five times more likely to consider suicide t...

Depression Discriminates in the Workplace

2019-03-25 14:37:24

Some workers are more likely to experience depression according to Catapult Health analysis Dallas, March 25, 2019 – Some segments of the population are much more likely than others to suffer from depression according to an analysis of more than 157,000 preventive health checkups conducted by Catapult Health in workplace settings across America.

Catapult Health Launches New Tool to Address Medication Compliance and Opioid Abuse

2019-01-15 14:37:01

Dallas, January 15, 2019 – Numerous studies in recent years have documented that appropriate use of prescribed medication is essential in the effective treatment and management of disease. Patients who follow their medication regimens experience better health outcomes and use urgent and inpatient hospital services less. Researchers have also found that improved a...

Onsite Clinics Conducted by Catapult Health Reveal Teachers Struggle With Health Care Costs

2018-09-04 16:18:41

Poor health, insurance costs forcing educators to make tough decisions Dallas, September 4, 2018 – Schools are being challenged by rising costs of health insurance, which are typically passed along to teachers as higher premiums and higher deductibles. That strategy helps schools stay within their budgets but can be devastating for teachers. At a recent onsite ...

Employee Benefit News: Serta Simmons brings healthcare to the factory floor

2018-07-22 23:56:41

When Steven Wilkinson began his job as senior director of total rewards at Serta Simmons Bedding four years ago, finding better healthcare ranked high on his priority list. “I was looking for a way to engage our employees on their health and wellbeing,” he says. “We did some surveys and focus groups with employees and found that unless we could come to them, brin...

Teladoc and Catapult Health: Partnering for a more beneficial Blue

2018-01-19 02:49:43

Utilizing and combining affordability, quality and convenience, Teladoc and Catapult Health have partnered to help members get the care they need when they need it. Catapult Health, a national in-network Provider for BCBS, brings next generation preventive checkups to worksites across America.  With no deductible, co-pay or out-of-pocket fees, preventive care cla...

Arkansas State Employee Benefits: ARBenefitsWell chooses Catapult Health

2017-12-17 02:45:39

The ARBenefitsWell program is a wellness program that allows for a monthly discount in premium for active Arkansas state employees (ASE) and public school employees (PSE) when certain wellness criteria are met during the 2018 plan year. The discount will begin on January 1, 2019. This program was created in an effort to reduce ever-increasing claims costs and enc...

Dallas Business Journal: Tech Titans - This Dallas company has invested $25M in technology, and it's not done

2017-08-19 02:44:20

“The delivery of preventive care and basic primary care in America is broken,” said the founder and chief executive officer of Catapult Health. “Twenty percent of Americans get their preventive care each year. So, 80 percent do not,” he said. “I figure the only way to raise that percentage is … to take preventive care to the people."

Modern Healthcare: UCHealth invests in tech-enabled workplace wellness provider Catapult Health

2016-11-16 02:42:42

Catapult Health, a provider of technology enhanced workplace health visits, has announced an investment from UCHealth, Denver, part of a $10 million round of follow-on investment. The portion of the “significant” investment by UCHealth or what size of a stake in Catapult the seven-hospital, 100-clinic healthcare system obtained were undisclosed, but UCHealth is t...

Health Enterprise Partners: Q&A with David Michel, CEO, Catapult Health

2015-02-15 02:36:51

You have a history of starting purpose-driven companies. How does this focus, in turn, shape the culture of Catapult? I’ve always believed that success in business, and in life, is largely due to alignment. When we’re all rowing in the same direction toward the same goal, our speed to market and operational efficiencies are maximized. Of course, the keys to makin...