Listen to our latest webinar: The Good, the Bad & the Unexpected: How the Pandemic is impacting the mental and physical health of American workers.

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Dr. Kevin Gilliland, Catapult Health’s Director of Behavioral Health, unpacks the data and separates fact from fiction. Timothy Church, MD, MPH, PhD, Catapult Health’s Senior Medical Advisor, will also uncover how other health risks are being impacted, as observed in a cohort analysis of almost 50,000 workers that compares pre-pandemic data to the past 10 months.

Catapult Health launches new virtual program to improve access to preventive care

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As the pandemic has triggered delays in both preventive and elective care, employers are turning totelehealth servicesto keep their workforce healthy and happy, and prevent the development of chronic disease.

Catapult Health, a provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, has launched a new program called VirtualCheckup, through which employers can offer preventive care to their employees and family members anytime and anywhere. Read More

Catapult Health Promotes Julie Dimoulakis to President & COO

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Catapult Health, the leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare including its new VirtualCheckup™, has promoted Julie Dimoulakis to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. Julie’s expanded scope of responsibilities now includes sales, marketing, client success, clinical services, technology and operations.

“Julie has earned the trust and confidence of our entire team and Board of Managers over the past nine plus years,” said David Michel, Chairman and CEO of Catapult Health. “She joined Catapult during our very first month of operation in January of 2011, and her fingerprint can be found on most every aspect of our solution and processes.” Read More

Catapult Health Releases VirtualCheckup To Provide Preventive Care, Anywhere

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VirtualCheckup Delivers Clinical Preventive Care to Virtually any Location Coast-to-Coast, Greatly Simplifying the Traditional Annual Wellness Visit.

Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, today announced the release of its VirtualCheckup™, a new program for employers offering preventive care to their employees and family members. Starting today, Catapult VirtualCheckup brings clinical preventive checkups that utilize sophisticated clinical diagnostic tools to locations nationwide.

Catapult Health Launches Return-to-Work Programs to Address COVID-19 Concerns

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New Return-to-Work Offerings Help Employers Reduce Risk While Welcoming Employees Back, Bringing Confidence to Worksites

Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite and virtual preventive healthcare, today announced it has launched new programs to help employers ease uncertainty while welcoming back employees amid COVID-19 concerns. These offerings are designed to fit the needs of employers as they transition back to work, incorporating virtual Nurse Practitioners who screen for COVID-19 symptoms, to enable workers to return to their jobs carefully and with confidence. Read More

Catapult Health Partners with Evive to Guide Thousands of Patients to COVID-19 Testing Sites

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To connect as many people as possible with nearby COVID-19 testing sites, the enterprise communications platform, Evive, is banding together with Catapult Health to introduce thousands of patients to Evive.Care’s national database of test centers.

Evive, the leader in enterprise communications and benefits engagement, today announced its partnership with Catapult Health, a national preventive healthcare practice. Catapult’s group of approximately 100 nurse practitioners are using the Evive.Care website to direct those with COVID-19 symptoms to COVID-19 testing centers. Read More

Catapult Health Achieves HITRUST CSF® Certification To Further Mitigate Risk In Third-Party Privacy, Security, And Compliance

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HITRUST CSF Certification validates Catapult Health is committed to meeting key regulations and protecting sensitive information

Catapult Health, a leading provider of onsite preventive healthcare, today announced that the following Catapult systems, locations and supporting infrastructure have earned Certified status for information security by HITRUST: MedConnect, the Patient Portal, TechConnect, Remote Video Consult, Patient Appointment Scheduler hosted by AWS and the supporting infrastructure at the Dallas, Texas and San Antonio, Texas.

HITRUST CSF Certified status demonstrates that the Catapult Health systems listed above have met key regulations and industry-defined requirements and are appropriately managing risk. This achievement places Catapult Health in an elite group of organizations worldwide that have earned this certification. By including federal and state regulations, standards, and frameworks, and incorporating a risk-based approach, the HITRUST CSF helps organizations address these challenges through a comprehensive and flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls. Read More

Catapult Health Names Art Dickerson as Chief Revenue Officer

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Company also adds six national sales executives to address rising demand

Catapult Health, the leading national provider of onsite preventive health checkups, welcomes Art Dickerson as Chief Revenue Officer. Mr. Dickerson’s responsibilities include growing and leading the sales team, expanding Catapult’s consulting firm relationships, and multiplying the Company’s impressive client roster of large national employers.

“Art has an ideal combination of relationships, skills and abilities to lead our revenue generating team,” said David Michel, President and CEO. “He is a seasoned business development executive with decades of experience.  Art understands what motivates customers and influencers critical to Catapult’s success.” Read More

Aging and Chronic Disease – The American Tsunami of Bad Health

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Catapult study highlights the correlation between age and chronic disease Catapult Health (PRNewsfoto/Catapult Health)

Almost half (48%) of Catapult patients report a previous diagnosis of at least one chronic disease. When obesity is included, that number rises to 66%.

“The ‘healthiest’ age group includes those under 40 years of age,” said Lee Dukes, Catapult’s Vice President of Clinical Outcomes. “But they are not quite as healthy as they seem. A fourth of them already have at least one diagnosed chronic health disease, and another quarter are obese. Read More

Millennial workers most likely to contemplate suicide

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In the midst of a stressful work environment, Millennials are said to have the highest tendency of considering suicide out of all employee age groups.

In fact, this demographic of young workers is reportedly five times more likely to contemplate suicide than workers from the Baby Boomer generation, according to a new study from US healthcare provider Catapult Health. Read More

Study explores which generation of workers is most likely to consider suicide

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Dallas — Millennial workers are more likely to contemplate suicide than any other age group – including up to five times more so than baby boomers – results of a recent analysis indicate.

Researchers at Catapult Health, a national preventive health care provider, looked at more than 157,000 patient records, including data from checkups conducted by the company at workplaces across 44 states.

They found that, of the patients younger than 30, 2.3 per 1,000 reported not only considering suicide, but also having a plan to carry it out. For workers 60 and older, that rate was 0.4 per 1,000 and, across all age groups, the average was 0.86.

“The numbers may seem small,” Catapult CEO David Michel said in a May 1 press release, “but if your company has 5,000 employees, that means that at any given moment four of them are probably seriously considering suicide, and the number is higher if you employ more younger workers.” Read More

Millennial Workers Five Times More Likely to Seriously Consider Suicide Than Boomers

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Catapult Health CEO reports findings at BCBS Annual Blue Summit

Dallas, May 1, 2019 – Workers under 30 are more likely to consider suicide than any other age group, according to David Michel, CEO of Catapult Health. An analysis of more than 157,000 patient records by Catapult Health found that millennial workers are five times more likely to consider suicide than are boomers. The study included data from checkups conducted by Catapult in workplace settings in 44 states. Read More

Depression Discriminates in the Workplace

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Some workers are more likely to experience depression according to Catapult Health analysis

Dallas, March 25, 2019 – Some segments of the population are much more likely than others to suffer from depression according to an analysis of more than 157,000 preventive health checkups conducted by Catapult Health in workplace settings across America. Read More

Catapult Health Launches New Tool to Address Medication Compliance and Opioid Abuse

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Dallas, January 15, 2019 – Numerous studies in recent years have documented that appropriate use of prescribed medication is essential in the effective treatment and management of disease. Patients who follow their medication regimens experience better health outcomes and use urgent and inpatient hospital services less. Researchers have also found that improved adherence is associated with lower total health care costs. Read More

Onsite Clinics Conducted by Catapult Health Reveal Teachers Struggle With Health Care Costs

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Poor health, insurance costs forcing educators to make tough decisions

Dallas, September 4, 2018 – Schools are being challenged by rising costs of health insurance, which are typically passed along to teachers as higher premiums and higher deductibles. That strategy helps schools stay within their budgets but can be devastating for teachers.

At a recent onsite preventive care clinic conducted by Catapult Health for a school in rural Arkansas, the blood pressure of an employee who had recently lost his insurance and stopped taking his medication due to costs was at stroke level. “It was frightening, but not uncommon,” said Allie Barker, a nurse with the State of Arkansas. “Fortunately, we were able to get him into a local clinic and back on medications that day.” Read More

Employee Benefit News: Serta Simmons brings healthcare to the factory floor

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When Steven Wilkinson began his job as senior director of total rewards at Serta Simmons Bedding four years ago, finding better healthcare ranked high on his priority list. “I was looking for a way to engage our employees on their health and wellbeing,” he says. “We did some surveys and focus groups with employees and found that unless we could come to them, bring the health checkup to them, most were not going to get the preventive care they needed — even though it’s provided in their health plan.” Read More

Teladoc and Catapult Health: Partnering for a more beneficial Blue

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Utilizing and combining affordability, quality and convenience, Teladoc and Catapult Health have partnered to help members get the care they need when they need it. Catapult Health, a national in-network Provider for BCBS, brings next generation preventive checkups to worksites across America.  With no deductible, co-pay or out-of-pocket fees, preventive care claims are filed and Catapult is covers 100% by BCBS. Read More

Arkansas State Employee Benefits: ARBenefitsWell chooses Catapult Health

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The ARBenefitsWell program is a wellness program that allows for a monthly discount in premium for active Arkansas state employees (ASE) and public school employees (PSE) when certain wellness criteria are met during the 2018 plan year. The discount will begin on January 1, 2019. This program was created in an effort to reduce ever-increasing claims costs and encourage participants of the ARBenefits Plan to actively engage in their own health and well-being. The amount of any discount will be decided later this year when rates for the 2019 plan year are set. Retirees are not eligible for the ARBenefitsWell program. Read More

Dallas Business Journal: Tech Titans – This Dallas company has invested $25M in technology, and it’s not done

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“The delivery of preventive care and basic primary care in America is broken,” said the founder and chief executive officer of Catapult Health. “Twenty percent of Americans get their preventive care each year. So, 80 percent do not,” he said. “I figure the only way to raise that percentage is … to take preventive care to the people.” Read More

Modern Healthcare: UCHealth invests in tech-enabled workplace wellness provider Catapult Health

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Catapult Health, a provider of technology enhanced workplace health visits, has announced an investment from UCHealth, Denver, part of a $10 million round of follow-on investment. The portion of the “significant” investment by UCHealth or what size of a stake in Catapult the seven-hospital, 100-clinic healthcare system obtained were undisclosed, but UCHealth is the largest investor in this second round, according to David Michel, the company’s co-founder and CEO. Read More

Health Enterprise Partners: Q&A with David Michel, CEO, Catapult Health

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You have a history of starting purpose-driven companies. How does this focus, in turn, shape the culture of Catapult?
I’ve always believed that success in business, and in life, is largely due to alignment. When we’re all rowing in the same direction toward the same goal, our speed to market and operational efficiencies are maximized. Of course, the keys to making this work are 1) knowing where you are going, and 2) making sure everyone else does, too. Our mission at Catapult is to empower individuals to improve their health. Each of our team members has our mission committed to memory and we all feel great about being part of something so important and worthwhile. Read More